Lenton oven reduces out-sourced heat treatment cost for the next generation of electric vehicle motors.
Multi-award winning Oxford YASA Motors a spin-out company from Oxford University, based in Abingdon Oxfordshire,
is employing a WF200 oven from Lenton Furnaces & Ovens to cure an adhesive used in the construction of the company’s innovative electric motor. The oven is also used to treat a vital epoxy resin which is vacuum-impregnated within the motor windings
to improve their strength and resistance to vibration.

Oxford YASA Motors produces a state of the art range of motors and generators for electric and hybrid vehicles (EV & HEV) including the new Westfield IRacer using a novel construction which offers exceptionally high specific torque, high efficiency and helps minimise manufacturing costs.

Recognising that many of Lenton’s ovens and furnaces are in regular use around Oxford University, Oxford YASA Motors selected Lenton to supply a medium sized oven to improve its manufacturing capabilities and reduce motor production costs. Installation of the new oven removed the need for the motor manufacturer to send work out to external contractors. The decision to invest
in its own in-house oven has reduced costs and improved process control.

The Lenton WF200 oven runs up to 300°C and features an internal fan to ensure rapid heat up times and excellent temperature uniformity within the oven. The WF200, which is the largest oven in Lenton’s standard range, has an internal volume of 200 litres and is available with or without the fan. The oven’s interior is constructed from polished stainless steel. Insulation around the chamber uses low thermal mass fibre to ensure rapid heat up and economical operation. To enable Oxford YASA Motors to process multiple motors in one operation, Lenton strengthened the oven’s floor to support loads up to 75 Kg.

“Both processes are strictly controlled, as temperature uniformity in the oven is critical to producing consistent motors,” explained Nick Farrant, Chief Executive of Oxford YASA Motors. “The company will be expanding its production operation in the next six months and at that time several Lenton ovens will be used in parallel to help increase the company’s production output and meet growing market demands,” said Farrant.

Lenton offers a wide range of standard and custom built industrial ovens and furnaces. This includes ovens to 600°C, furnaces to 1800°C and capacities up to 10,000 litres.
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