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Chamber Furnace  For over 30 years, Lenton has been a world leader in the manufacture of a range of electric laboratory and industrial furnaces and ovens. Lenton has an enviable reputation for innovative design, advanced technology and outstanding quality in the field of electric furnaces and ovens for research, quality control and pilot plant applications.

The range of laboratory furnaces and ovens includes chamber/box & tube furnaces to 1800°C, ovens to 300°C and high temperature ovens at 400°C, 500°C & 600°C. Included in the tube furnace range are horizontal, split, rotating & multi-zone models. Standard laboratory chamber/box furnace capacities range from 4 to 45 litres.

Specialist models are included in the furnace range for ashing applications and processes requiring treatment under modified atmospheres, for example nanotube research. We also offer a design & manufacture facility - providing custom built solutions to meet individual requirements for both special laboratory and industrial furnaces and ovens. These include clean room furnaces, debinding furnaces, crystal growth furnaces, top hat furnaces, elevator hearth furnaces, large chamber furnaces, tensile test furnaces, elevator hearth furnaces and rotating tube furnaces.


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For customers in the UK

If the furnace or oven you intend to purchase is to be used as 'like for like' replacement for an existing unit, you may be entiled to free collection and disposal of your old furnace or oven under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations, direction 2002/96/EC.  The product to be disposed of must be of a similar size or smaller, and used for the same purpose as the one which will be purchased to replace it.  Please contact us for details.       


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